Andrea Cifuentes

Hello everyone! My name is Andrea Cifuentes, but you can call me Andeta.

I am a Graphic Designer by profession and my passion is photography. Wife of a wonderful man and mother of two: a princess of fairy tales and a superhero who make our lives an adventure every day. I’m from Venezuela and I actually live in Palm Beach, Florida.

Since I was little I was always attracted to photography, and as a designer I have always appreciated a good composition. It wasn’t until 2010, when I became a mother for the first time and wanted to keep every detail of Sara and her growth, that I decided to buy a professional camera with which I would begin to rehearse with my little model.

In my beginnings I did any type of photography, from Weddings, Events, Products, Book of models, to quinceañeras and graduations. I like them all, butmy heart beats stronger when it comes to maternity, babies and families, my heart led me to decide what kind of photography to specialize in.

I’m Andrea Cifuentes and it’s a pleasure to be your family photographer, let’s work together to capture your story in images.

“Open the lens of my heart to capture your greatest treasure, connect me with my passion and the result you’ll see reflected in your photos”

Andrea Cifuentes